You have a message to share? Be creative! Use the hashtag #BeTheVoice and take a selfie showing your message to African leaders about what one thing they can do to implement their commitments made at the African Union. All selfies will be recorded and the best ones will be collated on a ‘Wall’ and shared on twitter, Facebook and publicised at key continental and national events to amplify your voices where African issues are being discussed.


Dalitso Kubalasa - Malawi

"Let people be at the centre of all AU protocols,charters and instruments. Ratify, domesticate and implement them all to the latter..."





  Andrew Osiany - Kenya

"Africa is rising, and we are not taking chances by repeating the same mistakes we've made in the past decades. We must unite and make the African dream a reality: This will only happen if we implement the AU protocols and treaties signed by our governments. Viva Africa! My African Union, My Voice! "