The Maputo Plan of Action for the Operationalisation of the Continental Policy Famework for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


The Maputo Plan aims to change how governments address reproductive health in their policies. It also aims to strengthen the health system, increase the availability of sexual and reproductive health sup plies, and build long-term infrastructure. Its initial timeframe was 2006-2010 and includes clear goals, outcomes, and outputs with target indicators, timelines, and costing, but the method of attaining the goals is left up to each country. The plan recognises the links between women’s status, reproductive health, and social and economic development.

Sexual & Reproductive Health Services

The Maputo Plan of Action on sexual and reproductive health and rights, also known as the Maputo Plan, is a framework for the achieving universal access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services by 2015. The plan, which was adopted by the African Union (AU) in 2006, highlights the mai...